Angela Merkel snubbed by Donald Trump, no handshake
Blood galore
It's a love triangle, I think
If I could fly as well as the OK Go guys, I would want it to be that colorful
Trump's win as depicted by Mel Brooks in History of the World
This Halloween costume is really awesome
Team changes tires while car is driving!
I can't stop looking at this. I will never unsee it :)
Katy Perry gets out the ... vote
Mother nature to the rescue of our invaded privacy
A GIF of SpaceX's Falcon 9 blowing up. Disappointing
Felicity Jones being a badass in Rogue One
My idol, Meryl Streep, being her amazing self in 'Florence Foster Jenkins'
github asked to do continuous integration testing to find bugs early, so I tried to learn more
github said to use CI to catch bugs, so I tried to learn more
There is a silver lining to this doggie door
First responders at the scene
Chinese rocket remnants over the bay area on re-entry
That golden age
At the restaurant, was trying to decide what fish to have and decided on a Magikarp
Baby elephant plays with birds
MRW I hear that Mr. Robot is extended to 12 episodes for Season 2
Killer whale is having shark for lunch
Facebook Aquila, the solar powered plane takes flight
Who can resist pandas and ice-cream?
A donkey foal just found someone to cuddle with. Can't get enough
And then it looked at me and said "you're driving too close. This ain't safe"
Move over jetski. This ride is much more fun
I can't imagine a more cuddly cat
I walk all day, I walk all night!...
This is just to die for
I would not want to be in the path of Serena's fury
At 2500 meters below sea level, the pressure must be huge on this little guy
My first catch! Addicted
MRW I heard the Rock is starring in the next Disney movie
Mark Pincus has a baby bottle for Lebron James
Can't wait to be able to take a ride like this to work
Barack Obama double mic drop on Jimmy Fallon
New dance move by Stephen Curry in Game 2
A drink, a smoke, a snort: the end of a good day
MRW my buddy thinks it's the end of the world
When friends meet at Fanimecon
Master Mantis in the flesh
Hold the door, will you?
Doug the Plug Duck- the little things that make us happy
When You Were Caught Raiding The Cupboard #cat #kitten #kitty
Nyquist Winner of Kentucky Derby!
Sea life found by the Okeanos Explorer. New species never before seen
Barack and Michelle Obama celebrating the Force. May the 4th be with you
Trudeau to the Obama's: Canada is ready