Angry dad destroys Audi after finding his daughter with a boy in it
An old video I forgot I had until someone commented on it.
ATTENTION: Rick Astley's Youtube channel has been hacked. All of his videos have been deleted besides this one, which has been renamed to "2009"
Could Ever - Way Out [Electronic Pop]
She should add "gypsy" to her list of titles
Bojack Horseman Season 3: All Intros
Girl with a kitten
Zombie Escape Mod! - ze_tesv_skyrim_v5_6 - GFL Server - CSGO - Very fun map
Annoying customer won't take no for an answer (xpost from /r/PublicFreakout/)
I don't think this gives me a lot of faith in their fish
A Great Speech about life in an Australian Funeral
Watch out now, this suv is in town!
Mike Johnson Jr - I Need You In My Life [Alternative Rock]
Kevin Smith Interview on Stephen Colbert - "You're the Face I Wake Up To"
Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WA. [5312x2988]
Pokemon NO
Alright. I'll bite. Here.
Just wants a cuddle.
A darker side to the Harry Potter phenomenon
Joe Bonamassa - "Dislocated Boy" - Live At The Vienna Opera House [Blues]
Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?
Naruto Blazing what a Shitty first roll...maybe
Brother came across this awesome car the other day
Kestrel at Berlin Tempelhof Airport (Tempelhofer Feld)
What 8 years of skin grease has done to my desk lamp.
Sims - Sink or Syncopate [Hip Hop]
Mild High Club - Head Out [indie pop]
My grandparents very much in love in 1955!
Berlin, Germany
Nine Years Ago Today, "Annoying" Was First Posted To The Internet
Dowsing - Midwest Living [Emo] (2012)
Coke only supports the original 13 colonies at the Olympics?
One step at a time
John Hartford - Gentle on my Mind [Folk]
Now You See It | Touch.
At least they give you a warning
I took a cow pic one time too! Alpi di Siusi, Italia
When #mornings #wokeuplikethis #nofilter #winning goes to my kitten....
If tf2 had a Play of the Game
Origin is a false god.
Is it now
ANMELDELSE: Battlefield 4
Dream Theater - Status Seeker [Progressive Metal]
TIL that the "The Walking Dead" Intro Music originates from a Track of a 1995 Norwegian Black Metal Album
My mom in about 1976 :)
A few minutes before landing in Bangkok, this thing appeared below.
Oh Canada
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Tutorial with nice music.
Shakshuka for one [OC]
Solomon Grey -- Glas / Green [Electronic] (2014)