Coffee in Israel has a pretty neat bit of history for such a young country
Well....does it?
0 This Uber driver has funny and interesting conversations with his passengers.
No trailer? No problem.
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Cruel praying
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[Image] Well, when you put it that way...
Scot Squad: "Alright, shagger?"
My Guardian Angel
Look at this fucking watermelon.
Talking cat is mean : ). Anyone interested in a collaboration with talking pets?
The pattern in the background of this box kind of looks like Swastikas made out of "SS" logos
The plastic coating over this bandaid must have been at the end of its roll.
Manchester by the Sea Official Trailer
She really doesn't want me to leave the house
This ladybug is yellow
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The Sextortion of Amanda Todd (2016)
My doggy neice got its own pet licence
David McCracken’s stairway to heaven in Bondi, Australia
Just had my first long legged daddy of the season fly into the shower, and remembered this classic
My daughter stole my wife's glasses and pretended to be mommy.
My school's cold care kit came with condoms.
Anyone want to tell Progressive this pattern looks like Swaztikas made out of "SS" logos?
Lil' Zappa
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Found this little guy in Deus Ex: MD
I found a fancy construction hard hat.
Got this little guy yesterday!
Sleeping peacefully
The science of man-eating lions
Earthside - A Dream In Static [Progressive Rock]
Black man sees the Aliens, We Getting Invaded!
how to park a car easly
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Airlander 10 (blimp) crashing into the ground.
Crunchy Cheesy Core Burrito From Taco Bell - UnOfficial Review
Simple cooking
I think they are confused at which bed is theirs...
I was quite surprised when I stumbled across this;
Companion Cube Easter Egg in Mankind Divided
The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit
To Kill a King - I Work Nights and You Work Days [Folk Rock/Piano] (Beautiful)
Scot Squad: "Alright shagger?"
The pencil I use at school is older than most of the students. 1991 birthday goody bag
Millencolin - Pepper [pop punk]
This is a coffee shop in Greece which opens their doors every night to these poor dogs so they won't freeze to death outside.
Funny Commercial Of All Time Since Years
Avocado Sandwich Deluxe with Salmon and Egg
Bastille - Torn Apart (Bastille VS. Grades) [Indie Pop]
Wife asked what I thought. I responded "Maybe a mini stroke?"