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My favourite scene from Crazy, Stupid, Love - great direction, script and timing.
I think this mashup is the best I've personally seen.
While I'm really liking the cinematography of the new Assassins Creed movie, I don't understand why they don't take advantage of their amazing game trailers and creating something similar.
Clark Kent is Superman's True Identity
[BvS] The score from the Comic Con trailer is still one of my most favourite pieces of music. It's a shame it wasn't in the movie.
Some dude's opinion on how they should have made Suicide Squad
I still think Les Grossman is Tom Cruise's finest work, I didn't even recognise him while watching the movie.
What's the best fake movie trailer you have seen in a film? I think it's "Satan's Alley" in Tropic Thunder (2008)
Super Cafe: Batman GO
Superman - The Golden Age of Animation
Proof Jared Leto Could Still Be A GREAT JOKER!
[SS] Jared Leto's laugh as the Joker is almost identical to the one in Mr Nobody (also played by Leto).
I have a sneaking suspicion we might see him again. I think the demonic curse where he gets his power keeps him immortal - like in the comics.
What does Black Manta being the possible villain in "Aquaman" mean? KALDUR'AHM - (Aqualad)
After watching Limitless, I think Jake Mcdorman is perfect for the role of Hal Jordan. The dude is so likeable and funny without being outright goofy.
[SS] Jared Leto really got shafted in SS - DCEU's clown prince of crime in all his glory.
[Spoilers?] [SS] The most amazing shot of the Joker from the trailers is apparently not in the film? Say it ain't so....
I came to the sub after waking up, no idea that the embargo was lifted.....
I need them SDCC reactions.
L'Oréal Atlantis: Because you're worth it.
I still think this is one of the contenders for best CBM trailer - The Dark Knight Rises Nokia Trailer.
Evolution Of The Joker Throughout History
I imagine Adam Beach/Slipknot doing something similar on set. XD
[Shitpost?] The Nerd on the CW | Robot Chicken
I was binge watching HIMYM and found Wallace working at Wiener Burger. Probably his previous occupation before Wayne Financial. [Season 2 Ep 22].
Batman found the real Man of Smiles, he's got a real knack for comedy.
The best scene from MoS: "Krypton's reckoning"
I'm starting to get Deja vu from the constant twitter reaction posts, I feel like I'm back to March 2016.