My boyfriend's Mom said we should send out Christmas cards. I'm taking her advice and making postcards tonight.
I'm making our Christmas postcards at the moment. I think they're coming out nicely.
The sun lit up the treeline for only about 10 seconds but, for that short time, it was gorgeous.
His groomer put a Christmas bandanna on him today. I could be wrong, but I think he liked it.
Link went to the groomer today!
Just picked our dog up from the groomer.
We just picked him up from the groomer.
My boyfriend and I went to our first group painting class tonight to learn how to paint a snowman.
The GM made a candy trap for the COO of my company. I hadn't seen this outside of cartoons until that day. (it almost worked)
Before this, I hadn't physically seen a similar trap outside of cartoons. It was made by the GM for the COO of my company. (it almost worked)
We received a natural gas scratch and sniff from the gas company today and it smells like egg farts.
Was given this by the safety manager at my job because I missed the 6am "Fire safety training" meeting.