Baby Goat Tries to Headbutt Cat
Crowd gets pumped up for a compliments rap battle
A compliment rap battle, gets funnier all the way through.
Clemson Football Carpool Karaoke
Found on a beautifully decorated sarcophagus at the Met.
Pretty awesome hype video for Clemson if you're bored
Carra's thoughts on the match in a nutshell.
Supposedly the oldest college football footage in existence: Princeton/Yale highlights from 1903.
Hunter Renfrow
Bradley Pinion (49ers punter) posts touching tribute to Phil Dawson after Dawson signs new contract.
If you have a few minutes, here is the story of David Saville.
In case anyone is bored, the official Clemson youtube channel put out our season highlights and it's pretty well done.
The Clemson team from 2012 had a total of FIVE wide receivers that were making plays in the NFL this week. And people wonder why Tajh Boyd looked so good.
Just some friendly trash talking to South Carolina/SEC fans
Today in "CFB History Lessons", here's Woody Hayes punching Charlie Bauman in 1978.
Thought y'all might appreciate this. This is a short excerpt from Danny Ford's pregame speech before the 1982 National Championship game.
This is outside of the snack bar where I work.
I thought this was so cool. Here is the CBS intro for Clemson vs UNC from 1986 including young Brent Musburger. Bonus: No bus riding.
It's stupid, and it looks dumb, but it's the first project I've ever done. My pallet container garden!
Luna really likes mud.
I have a pretty good view from my office.
I have a pretty awesome office.
My little girl, Luna, at 8.5 weeks and now at 16 weeks. Quick little story in comments
Yes he was awesome as Ari in Entourage, but this is my favorite Jeremy Piven role.
I always thought this was really cool. This video compares noise on tv vs noise on the field for each play during a late possession by Miami. Skip to 2:00 for third down. (Clemson-Miami 2005)
Seeing the ECU player go-pro entrance reminded me of this. Back in 2007, after the VTech school shootings, ECU was very supportive. This was the awesome "thank you" that they got.
Clemson running down the hill last night
I. Love. Dabo.
I see a lot of people asking what job they should go for. I would like to recommend my job, Loadmaster.
Just the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, taking out a German in a friendly soccer match.
Took a video on my Go-Pro yesterday during my flight, thought you might like it! (C-130)
You guys wanted more Loadmaster pictures, so here you go. (Not as good as the other one)
Just a picture I took last night doing my job (airdrop)
Just uploaded a video of me doing my job from a few weeks back, enjoy! (LCLA Airdrop)
Saw all this talk about how much everyone loved their jobs and decided to upload a video of me doing mine. I present, an airdrop.
I put this in pics but you guys might appreciate it more. Just me doing my job.
Being a flyer has it's perks
Remember the amazing juggler from a few days ago? Here he is being his typical amazing self while singing songs. Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael Davis.
Somewhere over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts... On Piano and Cello. Amazing.
My view from today. Afghanistan is gorgeous.
Stuntin like... Mufasa?