When a support player is suddenly expected to play offensive.
A couple dancing at a bar in the 50's. (x-post from /r/oldschoolcool).
French puns anyone?
Most Murican dog ever.
Y u do dis gurl?
If i check this option, could I also need to send a gift outside my country?
Every fucking time
Girlfriends and gamers don't go hand in hand.
An IBM store in the 80's
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Another month to go.
Apple's terms and conditions.
English class explained.
The inside of a toothpaste tube.
Are we doomed yet?
PsBattle: An actual Airbus flying before the supermoon .
A real plane flying in front of the super moon.
Which kind are you?
You're a tubbie Harry.
It sure is.
Meanwhile I cant even save up for a pack of lays in 10 seconds.
Meet the man with a 30 second memory.
1920's - What the future will look like.
Even Hitler reacts to the most disturbing video in the world.
Learnt it the hard way.
Any Idea who this is?
Tic Tac - 2 Years later
Creepy Whatsapp Trolling