Such a great line after this dude gets obliterated by Ed209 in Robocop, cracks me up everytime.
Irish Female Rap 'Allstars'- Game Over Female Take over (Official video)
Dog Eat Dog(Nic Cage, Willem Dafoe) - Official Trailer
Rules Don’t Apply | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
weekend pizza binge
This is Bun-Bun
little sister sleeping on bigger sister
This sleeping position
This wikipedia synopsis for Keanu Reeves movie 'Exposed' really takes no prisoners.
Official Love & Mercy Trailer | In Theaters June 5
Russell Crowe sums up the bizarre cringefest that is a Ryan O'Neal interview.
Asshole of the day award goes to...
Highest points yesterday... but at what cost?!
Minor work needed.
There's something not quite right with this months picture in the calender at work.
Giant Cowboy Gorilla Car