Annoying Americans identify differences between the USA and New Zealand. TIL American toilets don't have piss-flush.
Lower-middle class life in Middle Earth
Enthusiastic commentators lose their shit; I wish I could get this passionate about something.
This is Poverty in New Zealand
This doesn't represent me
UK Airport Customs uncover a significant haul
Indian Pimp my Ride
How to eat Surströmming like a fucking adult.
TwoX gets a bit of stick sometimes; this post is now now top of the it harmless fun, intense triggering or somewhere inbetween?
7.5 Quake Hits Kiwi Streamer
The journey of a small plant to the greatest plant.
A great morning TV segway you'd never see in America
Professional Diligence at a UK Airport
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As a lower class New Zealander this video reflects us perfectly. Beautiful poverty in a beautiful land.
Sit back with a cup of tea and relax with TV from a different social era.
When Barbie realised she was late...
The boiling water challenge for Leukaemia
A pleasant inspirational film which will drama Reddit to its core. Same Kind of Different as Me (2017). What do you think?
The Oscar nomination committee get felated and completely satisfied.
Boogie Nights Is considered one of the best films of the late 90s. This is just the start.
Welcome to Reddit
Gaming commentators experience severe human joy at game unveil.
That kid Leafy dissed made this awesome video. Wait for it.
You are now 15 years younger.
In our lifetime this was valid tv. When Holmes was authority and cunts took his spin as gospel.
Deer Hunter is a great film, this scene is top notch.
Just trying to find out if there are any Kwindians here. Can anyone tell me what he is singing?
This old ad still gives me chills. Before companies over here had balls.
50 Cent caught snorting cocaine by foreign interviewer
Dramatic Indian Drama character introduction