Hey Trader Joe's. You're bad at math and you should feel bad.
[USA] [OC] BMW ran a red light and then cut me off without a blinker - Appropriate language given.
What's leftover of my SIM card collection.
It was nice knowing you NJ.com. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
PC Master Race since the year 2000.
Rawwwr, I'm a dragon.
Caught this guy just after arriving to Perth Amboy Marina.
Wearing this ugly thing is how I finally got my wife to stop complaining about me hunting at night.
My phone next to my wife's. Is the tracker really this off?
[USA][OC] Instant justice for a Mini that cuts off a cop.
Spot on placement of the alarm button next to the close door button.
Hey Middlesex Water Company: If you make me enter a captcha to approve every "automatic" reoccurring payment, and charge me $1.95 for the privilege, I am going to start mailing checks out of spite.
Hey NJ, if you charge me a convenience fee to make my payment online, I will instead mail it in and make it inconvenient for you.
I can't be the only one thinking this...
The perfect show to watch while going for a run.
I was hoping for at least a month or two of use before it was obsolete...
My Alma Mater is hosting a "Body Image Positivity" event with guest host. The shitlords have taken battle against the FAs and SWJs on the Facebook event page.
I wonder if any other people on the east coast are in the same predicament...
I swear there's a motherboard under there!
Who needs fiber trays? It's underneath a raised floor - no one will see it!
Optical Distribution Frame Porn
The rear of this DS1 panel.
You mean like a bar?
Fortune cookies have gone full Yolo...
[USA] [OC] Marriage proposals shut down Houston highways. Car fires on the other hand? Not so much.
Bitmoji is promoting a fiscally irresponsible lifestyle.
Maine coon belly.
This guy was waiting for me this Thanksgiving at my parents place.
His boss was in the room to see him fail as well.
The reason ties were invented.
Audi-themed Pumpkin. Crosspost from /r/pics.
Someone lit a fire up Metuchen's ass to get this construction going.
A pic of my wife stocking up on tickets tonight before the fare hike tomorrow.
The wife was kind enough to make me this monstrosity this morning.
[USA] [OC] I was cut off by a Prius today as well.
[USA][NJ][OC] Illegal passing and flipping the bird because I "cut him off" earlier @ 23s.
My new credit card came out pretty good.
Yeah, that's exactly what I'd like to do Epson...
Typical NJTransit shenanigans.
I love the way my car sounds too... Wait. Never-mind, that's just my turbo failing.
This really hits the spot after working overnight 3 nights this week in addition to my regular daytime work.
God Dammit NJTransit.
Found my doppelganger today. Same model, engine, exterior and interior color, and wheels.
Took this from my plane tonight.
Interesting cloud formation on my flight today.
Juxtaposition. My off campus house I lived in junior year ('05) with a new luxury apartment backdrop. My how this city is changing.
Beautiful day for a car wash.
I'm off to the dealership tomorrow - can't miss out on the deal of a lifetime.
What some of ya'll think will happen if we're allowed to pump our own gas.
Optimum is waaaaay off on this one.