My friend had a close encounter with some deer!
I froze in the cold to film these deer!
Drone that parachutes beer, only in Murica!
Guy built a drone that parachutes beer, life = complete
A little drone videography of these gloomy days here in Minnesota.
Cinematic Drone Videography - New channel, my other channel has about 5k subs, just want to see what its like to work from the bottom again...
If you've got a mavic pro and are worried about overheat issues when flying with the gimbal guard watch this...
Will the mavic overheat with gimbal guard??
They have never met, are funny as hell, and they run a YT channel together??? Cyber Monday Special!
Thanksgiving day Beer Drop
Thanksgiving Drone Beer Drop
The Minnesota Drone Beer Drop!
HMB While I airdrop one!
Airdropping my old man a beer on Thanksgiving!
Interesting, these guys have never met, thousands of miles away but they started up a new channel...!!!
Never Met This Guy We Are 1000's of miles apart, but we started a tube channel!!!
Just flying over a few hundred million dollar bridge
A little drone shot of the New Hwy 36 bridge
Technically and more than likely your local jewelry store still sells blood diamonds...
Before you make a leap for the Mavic Pro...
Using You Quad For Indoor Filming
Tandem Flying Drone
Drone Video From Minnesota
What a great ride Phantom 3!
Found a Standing Liberty Quarter in Minnesota today!
Castle Danger Minnesota | North Shore - Lake Superior
Castle Danger Minnesota | Warning does not have a castle, just beautiful scenery of the North Shore
These guys know how to get drunk for sure! Damn, make me look like a light weight!!!
Gotta wonder if these guys can smoke just as much weed???
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Drinking this much vodka??
I need this sooo bad! This mate is doing the Lords work!
HMB While I salute this guy airdropping one with a drone!
Run down WW2 ammunition plant - urban air exploring
They manufactured Munitions to kill people here during WW2
Run Down WW2 Ammo Plant - Minnesota
Run Down WW2 Munitions Factory - Minnesota
Run down WW2 Munitions Factory in Minnesota
Pretty fun little flight, flew through some trees and brush, love these little quads!
3rd flight with the eachine racer 250, thing is a blast!!
A Drone sparkler - a drone, steel wool, and 9v battery
Never store steel wool and a 9 volt battery together.....
This guy combined Steel Wool, 9 volt battery, Drone to = Epic