Whenever I start up Pokemon Blue...
Kids asking the hard hitting questions about Jesus
Bush on Handjobs [4:47]
Frugal Homemade Candy-Making Technique
MRW im the in the hourglass gang but im aware of the undercover cop and pretend to be his friend, only to signal when my gang appears that he is not one of us
Microsoft Help has a great illustration on how their firewall works
Pretentious Biking Video
How to keep your produce fresh
My favorite Big Lebowski cartoon reference
Guy sells his truck to be on X-Factor
Checkmate, Gravityists!
Fuck your order of operations
Hilarious cartoon beautifully shows the absurd contradictions of the Bible
Only hobbledehoys and flibbertigibbets that haileth from ye 16th centuria unstanden
Not sure if trash talking or cheering me on...
How my life's been feeling lately.
Found this in a study room on my campus...
Till death us do part