The look of love
[IFF] I got into a serious accident the day before I was supposed to get married, and had to undergo emergency surgery. I got married with a black eye, road rash on my face, a broken leg and then some. I have a hard time looking at the photos, but I absolu
Cat, how is this comfortable?
Derpy Pringle
meow irl
Phineas isn't too keen on this harness nonsense
Phineas is very skeptical of his new harness
May I have this dance?
Had to do a double take at the farmer's market today
One man's trash is another cat's nap fortress
He wasted no time getting comfy
The way this pasta fits together
"What do you mean, you're trying to get work done?!"
Happiness is sharing a sunny patch of carpet with your best friend
A mermaid's jewels
For years, I've been collecting antique brass findings and glass. Sometimes the right pieces find each other, and turn into something like this.
How you doin?
This is how Phineas looks out of the window every morning
Three happy faces
This nail file was just regular sandpaper glued to a foam base
Going to the vet's not so scary when you have your best friend.
Fancy cakes you say?
You don't say.
The way this lake froze looks like cells under a microscope
I, too, got Space Kitten tights from my Secret Santa this year.
Hello there!
Bloody aftermath of a violent crime
Heard my boyfriend giggling to himself in the bathroom last night, woke up to this. That, my friends, is a lint roller refill.
A bootleg Sharpie marker, the *Sharpei*
hoomin, open dis door plz.
A large, foamy cappuccino
Fight Club reference on my bandaid
This was my gateway drug to gaming.
MRW I realized Captain Janeway from ST:Voyager and Red from OITNB are played by the same actress
Polly Pocket, possibly the awesomest choking hazards of my childhood
I know you're in there
Caught my boys behaving and loving each other. They look mortified.
I'm starting to feel a little left out by all the references
Damn it, which eye do I look at now?
Trying to reach the front page with an old meme?
Reddit, meet Phineas. Phineas gets a little needy when I close the bedroom door.
I'm starting to dread the little red envelope
Faking it is getting tedious
That can't be comfortable
Axolotl, the smiling salamander!
Couldn't find my kitten, Pringle. Turns out he found a way inside the kitchen table.
Phineas and Pringle, inseparable since the day they met.
Nothin fancy, just a bowl o' sloth