RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA -- A Way Out [Alt Rock] (2017)
Watchers - Decadence (New)
Norma Jean - I Used To Hate Cell Phones But Now I Hate Car Accidents
[Death] Astringency - "Of Adoration And Effervescence"
Astringency - "Of Adoration And Effervescence"
REPS - Poisoned Youth [Full Album]
REPS - Rust (Official Music Video)
Within The Ruins - Death of the Rockstar [NEW]
Within The Ruins - Death of the Rockstar [NEW]
REPS - Courage Has No Color [These guys have less than 1k likes on Facebook, but definitely deserve more]
Dad tries to prank his kids by giving them a bad Christmas present...
[Titanfall 2] Skilled or just a lucky shot? I'm gonna go with skilled just to feel good about myself.
Ha you thought you were safe...
Car Bomb - Constant Sleep (Probably my AOTY)
Organ Salad - Marrow
MAKESHIFT KING - Chandelier (Sia Cover)
TV themes played in a minor key.
Going for a car ride
So It Begins - Encased (feat. Parker Jarrett) (Official Music Video)
Owls in the Attic - Millennial [NEW]
Judiciary - The Axis of Equality [Full EP]
The March Ahead - Scorch The Earth (ft. Nick Giumenti of My Ticket Home)
The March Ahead -- We Are All Going To Die / This Is Not The End (Piano version) [Rock/Alternative] (2015)
Those Who Fear - "Ten Years" [NEW]
Earth Groans - "Driving Out" (Official Music Video)
DOOM - Original Game Soundtrack - Mick Gordon & id Software
Car Bomb - Gratitude (Official Audio) [FRESH]
Car Bomb -- Gratitude [Metal/Mathcore] (2016)
Bilmuri -- SUSPENDED [Rock/Alternative] (2016)
Circuit of Suns - Oh My God Particles (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Circuit of Suns - Oh My God Particles (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
With Blood Comes Cleansing - Golgotha (Full Album) [2006]
Convictions - I Am Nothing (Really powerful song)
My goofball is always so happy
Stand Alone Complex - Awaken (For fans of Silent Planet, Erra, August Burns Red)
My friend is an amazing artist. I kept her Instagram name so you can check out her other stuff.
Sons Of Thunder - Kyler Wants To Cuddle (FREE ALBUM)
If School of Rock was just a little heavier...
Ivory & Ash - Thoughts [Free EP] (Really good local band)
Earth Groans - "Price Tag" - Official Live Music Video
The Tooth - Opiate Dreams [Free EP] (For fans of The Chariot, Botch)
Earth Groans - Everyone Looks So Good From Here (Underoath Cover)
The Showdown - The Crooked Path
Man interrupts interview by cheering for the opposing team.
This madman waits till the last possible day to change his password!!
Boobs are not advertiser friendly...unless you're selling burgers.
Earth Groans - The Estate [So fucking good]
The Gun Show - Currents (The breakdown at 2:50 is so ridiculously heavy.)
Not One Is Upright - Putting Want to Rest [For Fans of The Chariot, Norma Jean, Botch]