My parakeet learned the chime the iPhone makes after you say "Hey Siri"
Know the "OK Google" African Grey? Well, Kiwi the parakeet does the "Hey Siri" equivalent!
The hot breakfast is cheaper than the fruit breakfast... which costs 32 dollars.
Different sized capital letters
Tour De Fat 2016. So much fun!!
I recently got a GoPro knockoff and took it to a beer parade/festival. My wife was mildly annoyed.
New to iOS 10? Force touch options for currently installing apps.
[USA] Pickup truck driver driving recklessly
Waiting for OITNB season 5 means weird fan art. [OC]
I spilled a bit of water on my keyboard and some landed perfectly in the Windows key divot.
A smattering of phrases from Kiwi the talking parakeet
My parakeet is learning Zenyatta's line: "Pass into the iris." – He's almost there!
My parakeet has something that looks like a horn growing from the bottom of his foot near where his toenail comes out. What's going on here?
Amazon depicts organic fruit as being darker and as having better color compared to the non-organic fruit. Complete BS.
This is what your lungs look like after 20 cigarettes - bullshit called! [oC]
[US] Lack of all-red intervals + red light runners = dangerous [Part 2]
[USA] My city's signals mostly don't have a delay between red and green
[USA] Extremely poor judgment by Civic driver vs a tanker truck
These two coffee cup lids are only different in one way: one was used for coffee for 10 years and the other is brand new.
Slow motion tug of war with dog
My dad's yellow lab loves to play tug of war but looks absolutely terrifying in slow motion.
Dog ate my Apple Pencil... just glad he didn't get to the battery.
Kiwi the parakeet learned how operate "Hey Siri" ... seriously adorable!
The way these labels stack when printed
Talking bird activates Siri on the iPhone by saying "Hey Siri"
Talking bird activates Siri on the iPhone by saying "Hey Siri"
Kiwi the bird learned how to activate Siri!
Talking bird learned how to activate "Hey Siri"
My talking parakeet learned how to activate "Hey Siri" by speaking it!
Talking bird learned how to activate "Hey Siri"
You ever hear a parrot activate Siri with the "Hey Siri" command? Well, our parakeet learned how!
AT&T really knows the Sacramento Area... "Rancho Cardova"
Whole Foods made a glaring spelling/grammar mistake on their Pita Minis labeling.
New Apple Store on Union Square, which opened for the first day on Saturday. Video of the giant front doors closing for the day.
I discovered a fun photography-related thing to do that doesn't involve taking pictures... illustrating/drawing/tracing camera gear in Procreate!
Don't park like this. Go up another level or park elsewhere. (3rd street garage today)
Kiwi playing with my ring and talking up a storm... in 4K video!
The bumper sticker of a bright individual seen on third street this morning: "MY OTHER CAR IS TO SMALL TO HUMP IN"
4K Parallel Approach to SFO, Runways 28R & 28L – Alaska and American 737s
Honda Accord attempts illegal U-turn [California, US] [OC]
Rabbit Jumps & Party Rentals
I bought a Geiger counter (radiation detector) for my smartphone and started using it to test things around the house... interesting results with scotch tape!
Cessna P210 turbine conversion ("Silver Eagle") startup process - cool sounds!
Geiger counter tested with scotch tape – scotch tape emits radiation when pulled apart!
[USA] Driver pulls out into cross traffic, could have gotten t-boned
Syma X5SW flight today at a local field. I've had this particular quad about a week.
Kiwi does flips on cue!
Bet you've never seen a macro video of a parakeet eating millet!
Ants got into the kombucha and I was able to remove them. None had gotten past the developing (10 day) SCOBY and I made an island to prevent further ants. Still safe to consume after brewing?