Tom Brady style. TB12
My Christmas tree
Charles River, Boston | Original Content [2448x3059]
Harry Potter xfiles crossover I Want to Believe. OC.
[Specific] I want to use this photo of my deceased aunt as part of my wedding, but I don't think it is appropriate as is. Can someone remove the make up?
I'm feeling a little attacked. Why so defensive Drowsee? #KingHypno
My future wife only had one requirement when we bought a house. I built her this.
While playing PokemonGo I realized the Elementary and middle school near my house says "FU" from birds eye view
Sometimes my dog wears hats
If dogs took over Hogwarts.
Found my Harry Potter watch from 2001 when moving all my stuff out of my parents house.
My new Harry Potter lock screen for my phone.
True life adulting.
Oh the beautiful irony. FAIL
My DIY Hallows lamp.
My handmade Harry Potter Hallows side light