Some friends and I are lowkey trying to make it big on YouTube. I think we're pretty funny (tho sometimes offensively so).
Nikaido Kazumi sounds like an instrument, and people stop to listen in a crowded bar.
Kha'Zix caught in enemy jungle
New YouTube Guidelines / Censorship
Scratching and tapping while whispering random trigger words [intentional][sksk][scratching][tapping][whisper]
(Dilly) Scratching cardboard with fingers and a comb [mouth sounds] [short] [clicking] [intentional]
(Dilly) Cardboard box scratching! [scratching] [tapping] [mouth sounds] [intentional]
Jeremy Soule: Dungeon Siege (also did Elder Scrolls 3, 4 and 5)
Trying to Get My Friend to Like Factorio
Quick match with friends - 2v1 due to Wonder - Beware! Noobs afoot
Little video of match with friends - 2v1 due to Wonder - Beware! Noobs afoot
This channel is stating NASA is a hoax to steal money from USA, and people are believing it. Followers are spamming NASA videos with this misinformation.
Battlefield 4 [Haiku]
My first ASMR video; basically a disaster [no jaw] [uncontrollable tongue] [intentional] [whisper] [soft speaking] [short]
[Haiku] Chaka Khan
My friend has a, "Well, shit," moment.
UFO -- Purple Sun Down [chilled] (2009)
[Music] Consummation from Gone Girl soundtrack. Just over 4 minutes long, and deserves high volume
[All Show Spoilers] A Simple Family Tree to help my father understand the show!
skeleton hit by car
There's a Man in the Woods
[Haiku] Chaka Khan
Nostalgia trip: Into the West, sung by Annie Lennox
I accidentally tried to open an .exe using Neverwinter. It changed the default runner for all .exes.
Hobo Clown - a beautiful claymation short
Phonebloks - A phone that works similar to a PC with exchangeable parts.
[Haiku] Kepora Gebora
My friend gets his first penta with a voice filter
Colin Marsh and Krista Bryant - Eyes On Fire (Blue Foundation Cover) - YouTube [3:28]
My Impersonation of Nolan North [0:09]
Couple of startups covering Home by Phillip Phillips.