Filming a rap video
Hush!!!!! Let me do the talking!
breaking up is hard to do
Manchester's homeless (2014) A unfiltered look into some of Manchester's homeless.
Drake "Hotline Bling" Sweater
Oyster Kids -- Creepy [Indie/Pop] (2015)
The look of love
The difference between blind, and legally blind. I love this guy's great attitude, sorry if repost.
Given the upcoming holiday it seemed appropriate to post this piece of crap. I give you "Santa Clause Conquers The Martians" (1964).
Wow! so nice he done!!
Margot Robbie & Jared Leto's Joker 'Love Affair' (Suicide Squad Tribute) Fan Made
My wife and I recorded and album and I asked my animator friend to do whatever he wanted to this song.
Raquel Welch "crucified" on the cross, Los Angeles, 1970 by Terry O'Neill.
GoPro Falls Off Drone Into Burning Man Dance Floor
MRW the "Emoji Movie" is announced.
How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended
She so beautiful
Avatar babies
There's always a way to make life better - Philips Everyday Hero [Agency: Ogilvy & Mather October 2016]
Maclain Hunter - Break the Cycle [electro] (2016) Check out my latest track 'Break the Cycle' for free on youtube! Please subscribe to my channel so u can stay up to date with my newest releases!
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (tech demo)
European Championships in Athletics, Amsterdam 2016 - medal table (top 10).
BREAKING NEWS: Australia set to leave the AU and become Stralia.
Kitty slip n slide
This guys head looks like a malteser
"Yellow, Blue, and White" Larry Preston, 8x10, oil on panel, 2016
The Blair Witch Project recut as The VVitch Trailer
Tony Moran giving his mask a drink on the set of Halloween (1978)
David Cronenberg and James Woods (1982)
Ozzy Osbourne in his first big band, Black Sabbath. Live in London in 1970.
Hats off to Mötley Crüe for ending their legendary 34 year run tonight in L.A. with all 4 original members alive & rocking: Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, & Mick Mars. Congrats boys!
(1975) My mom grew up on a dairy farm busting ass. Her older brothers were oil truckers, they brought Coors home by the case. (was not available here in MI at that time.) She was a teen in this pic, times were different.
Boston 1975
The new dutch Heineken commercial explains the northern light.
Original music video- "HUMPIN' ON HALLOWEEN" - In honor of Hump day (+Halloween) - [x-post r/videos]
Blue corona static discharge from round hay-bales on the Alberta prairie
Marina Ginesta, a 17-year-old communist militant, overlooking Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, 1936
Craig Charles (Red Dwarf, Robot Wars) in Liverpool in the 1970s
CoMPleTe and how all the minitials, are in the [0:00-:45 secs Youtube link]
Violent Christmas (Comedy Skit)
When a support player is suddenly expected to play offensive.
[I Ate] Seared filet mignon and curly fries
My friend had a close encounter with some deer!
Christmas gift
that king of cars guy is back
Kick and Headshot
When shooting a toilet counts as a kill.
Luciano Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma (Paris 1998) [Opera]
[Midwestern lull - Time Flies By [Roots Rock/Americana]
Black lace...