The difference between blind, and legally blind. I love this guy's great attitude, sorry if repost.
My wife and I recorded and album and I asked my animator friend to do whatever he wanted to this song.
GoPro Falls Off Drone Into Burning Man Dance Floor
MRW the "Emoji Movie" is announced.
How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended
There's always a way to make life better - Philips Everyday Hero [Agency: Ogilvy & Mather October 2016]
The new dutch Heineken commercial explains the northern light.
Original music video- "HUMPIN' ON HALLOWEEN" - In honor of Hump day (+Halloween) - [x-post r/videos]
CoMPleTe and how all the minitials, are in the [0:00-:45 secs Youtube link]
Violent Christmas (Comedy Skit)
My friend had a close encounter with some deer!
that king of cars guy is back
Researches Store Data in Diamonds, 3D diamond-based Data Storage
Do the Math!
NEW news RSS reader - NewsTab Reader
Namati | Vivek Maru | Skoll Award 2016
Community PSA - The Dummy Rescue Society
White Privilege Frankenstein
Self-righteous boys playing with guns, meet a far better man (with a bigger gun).
Begleri - A traditional Greek Toy
Benefits of Cucumber
12-Year-Old Self-taught Chinese Guitar Prodigy Plays AC/DC's Thunderstruck on Acoustic
WTF, Japan???
The Dragon Dentist
We Are Number One but All Instruments are Off Tempo
Mark Zuckerberg creates Jarvis from Iron Man for his home... featuring a shirt cannon and voiced by Morgan Freeman.
My Dog Skip - The Last Scene (Sad)
We Want McRib (Documentary)
Chinese calligraphy brush made from baby hair
SlowMo Doggy by The Slow Mo Guys
Most. Scary. Tradition. Ever... The KRAMPUS.
You Can't See This (MIND TRICKS)
Dune buggy drives across 1000 feet of deep river water [1:59]
Women Fight Each Other With Cars?!
Wild Buffalo Conflict Kills The Lion! Wolf vs Antelope and Deer vs Tigers
How absinthe is made
A Beautifully dark interpretation of Majora's Mask
IUPlays Warhammer Online Return Of Reckoning (Tier 2 Part 27) Squig Herder
Introducing the Careculator by
Hopping Kangaroo on the beach
Massive sinkhole appears near Hakata station in Fukuoka, Japan
Its fuckin friday babay ! Amazing talent
a tribute to my bestfriend..
Probably one of the best scenes from Tropic Thunder
uberhaxornova is god
Best scene in documentary history recently featured on Planet Earth 2
THE PROBLEM WITH: ZARNA JOSHI (The Hugh Mungus girl) by Mugcup.
The Food Emperor makes kebab
One of my favourite 'curb your enthusiasm' scenes.