The difference between blind, and legally blind. I love this guy's great attitude, sorry if repost.
Violent Christmas (Comedy Skit)
WTF, Japan???
The Dragon Dentist
MRW the "Emoji Movie" is announced.
We Are Number One but All Instruments are Off Tempo
My friend had a close encounter with some deer!
that king of cars guy is back
How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended
100 Seinfeld Quotes
Genie Garage Door Opener Manual Disengage
SpaceX Makes History | MARS
Some friends and I are lowkey trying to make it big on YouTube. I think we're pretty funny (tho sometimes offensively so).
Monster Under the Bed Salesman
"New Zealand's Got Talent" judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon accuse contestant of stealing Moon's look. Awkwardness ensues.
Corals Climax despite doomsday messages reef is dead
[Breaking] The aftermath of an explosion at a mexican fireworks factory
Styx - Mr. Roboto (Star Wars Style)
BYU basketball player trying to hype Cougar nation
I strapped a GoPro to my two year daughters shopping cart at the grocery store.
A Mexican fireworks factory just exploded - 60+ people injured
Classical Masterpiece by Stefan Karl
Christmas comes but once a year (1936) grampy. Loved it when I was 5, love it now
Spoon on the planet Mars
Mark Zuckerberg creates Jarvis from Iron Man for his home... featuring a shirt cannon and voiced by Morgan Freeman.
"Y'all mind if I praise God?"
A History Of Online Communication And Evolution Of Chat Apps
Mark Zuckerberg creates Jarvis from Iron Man from his home... voiced by Morgan Freeman.
Cat + Tooth Brush = Mind Blown
An alternate way to pick your nose
I still can't work out if this was intentional?
In Japan, a bowl of salt is left outside of every sushi shop, free to eat
上出長右衛門窯の祥瑞画法/Drawing and Painting Kutani Shonzui
World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen frustrated after losing to Alexander Grischuk
10 Before And After Photos Of Winter’s Beautiful Transformations
Miss, what's half of 360?
The center decided he wanted to score a touchdown himself
My Friends are stunt performers and made this awesome holiday vid...
How-To Videos For Toddlers
An Honest Christmas
Justin Roiland (Co-Creator of Rick & Morty) and H3H3 prank call a freezing fat service agency
You can't dodge fate
That one friend that dances to absolutely everything
After a head injury man starts to see math everywhere
Woman shoots squirrel for raiding her bird feeder
5 Winter Solstice Facts
2017 New Year's Resolutions for White Guys | MTV News
Twas the Night Before Rockmas - Story Time with Dwayne Johnson
She jumped out of the running car