I sleep in this place
Did George Lucas make a special edition of the Bible?
B-25 bomber landing at Grimes Field in Urbana Ohio for the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle raid
"Diamond Dust"
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Egyptians honor 3 Muslim police-women who died defending Christians.
Fort Jefferson, Florida. Built to help suppress piracy in the Caribbean.
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Carefully cultivated pear tree
When the shoes don't match the clutch purse
So much freedom on this pic
There has been a dead spider at rarely used staircase in my school for last two weeks . I made it an altar.
Wonderful Nature Pic [640*426] - Wanna Go There?
Cat Surfs While Dog Watches
Over 2.5 million take over the streets in Venezuela
The best placements for plug outlets I could find in the whole IHOP.
"protect, defend and serve"
Melbourne city laneway.
Adidas realizing their grand mistake
420 Day at Georgia Tech in 2013 #tbt
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Gerbil thinking it can hamster.
My wife and I have a sidekick on the way
Here what the original 3 robots from the set looked like
Apple Maps Car by my house.
They got Dory, Nemo, and Marlin at my local car wash
I took a shot of an epic photo shoot at El Mirage Dry Lake in California last Sunday.
Apparently the news thinks I care when and how Jolie is happy.
Bizarre Trump supporter
Banff, Alberta
Mother of all marches in Venezuela
I guess this makes up a little for me being out of town for work
Milford Sound
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Trifecta of smoking power
The look on the dog's face...
The hottest protester ever!
Random book in my Grandma's house. Any love for the The Girls In Blue?
This is what rejecting dictatorship in Turkey looks like.
Happy 420
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Africa loves 'democracy', but also likes its military dictators, one-party rule, and Big Men - study (640 × 428)
Snow in Japan doesn't pull its punches
Beach better have my money
Comcast Trolled Me for 4/20!
While 4/20 might be a holiday for most let's also not forget these victims of the Columbine massacre that occurred 18 years ago today.
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This is what a nation accepting dictatorship looks like
Nice days call for nice pictures! My puppy, Khloe.
The price drops in Australia are off the hook
Watching two games at once
Took a long drive through central Nevada yesterday. I was quite impressed.