A comparison of the Titanic and a modern day cruise ship
Happy Saint Paddy's Day from r/evilbuildings!
Hey Trader Joe's. You're bad at math and you should feel bad.
Spring time is here.
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Human for scale
Conked Out Kittens
How my hotel has their charging port hooked up
Steampunk Suave Tiger
Let the ire begin!
Seen in Seattle.
Color Wheel
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The World's most vegan vegan
... oh dear... ohhh yeessssss!
Aquascaping taken to the next level
If this post gets 10,000 upvotes I'll post a video of me eating cookies
The Golden Record from Voyager 1, the farthest manmade object from Earth.
Fly eye
Bruce Lee with his family
I made this Dark Brotherhood scroll for my boyfriend, super happy how it turned out!
Christmas on Canal Street
To get one very special static shot, you need three things: 1. An extremely talented sculptor 2. A talented CGI artist to imbue it with very subtle micro-expressions 3. The Kuleshov Effect
Doggo wearing sunglasses, headphones and a santa hat celebrating Christmas in Australia.
The Klingon Newt
For my 22nd birthday I decided to surround myself in 22 torches and take a photo. This is the result
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Disco Ball Cement Truck
Russian sisters
blossom like a butterfuly
Was woke up by my parrot saying "help me help me" which is what he's says when he gets his foot tangled in his toy, wasn't expecting this.
5-Year Front Page Blast From The Past - Hobbes and Bacon (2011)
If this bites you are not escaping
Today's view from the top of Welsh waterfall, Pistyll Rhaeadr
The "Jihadi" in Turkey is named "Goldstein"
Pimp My Hide
Photobombed while trying to take photo of my fish
The Summoner, Jakub Różalski‎, digital, 2014
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Mountainside resteraunt
Chipmunk not fazed when getting close
Cool Gameboy Engraved Zippo Lighter
I'm gonna be late for my real job, so I'll have to take my downvotes like a man today--in constant fear and uncertainty. Would you watch this? I sure as hell would make it.
I snapped a quick photo of my friends' dog, and it turned out amazing
East coast of Greenland
Beautiful Nature
Christmas lights at San Francisco City Hall
Dogs too cold to take the time to notice
Lightning in a huge cloud over the sea
Upsetter what?