Blind Skittle tasting results!
Interesting perspective on the world
The water on the ground looks like a huge bunny rabbit stalking a man
The case on this shwag calculator includes a table itemizing volume discounts for Vioxx prescriptions.
I ordered a moldable mouthguard, and it came with DVD instructions
Sliced my finger back in January. Apparently I cut it deeper than I thought.
The reflection of my left headlight beam fit perfectly inside this car's backup sensor
The middle part of this mirror in my Tokyo hotel bathroom doesn't steam after a hot shower
My green beer has a smiley face in it
The way this building is designed creates an optical illusion.
Someone also brought a Joey to my starbucks. Small world.
Sequential license plates
This tree root looks like a penis
It was 50 degrees yesterday but got down to 15 last night and froze this spiderweb
I was fixing my sons trains overnight. This is what I woke up to.
My instant film camera glitched and turned my cats into ghosts
One of the engines in my package was put in upside down.
This site has an option for your children to have a pet wife
My work sells 40 inch tires (I'm 6'2" by the way)
The 'L' in the Staples logo is a staple.
My baby blending into my dog.
The water drops in my cup formed a sad face
Many clips in sequence of the same dog.
I was disappointed when I got home to find no fortune cookie.
The pic chosen for this Facebook news story
Just noticed the mileage on the Subaru today!
Some guy buying an axe at Starbucks.
The Original Monopoly game. "The Landlords Game" had coins for currency rather than bills.
Wooden pingpong table with a leather net
Water gun at a car was shooting out ice.
I've been staring at my screen for 10 minutes waiting to see that next email come in.
Mobile data usage around the world
The original photo the Air Jordan Jumpman logo was based on
My dog grew in long foot fur in preparation for winter
Water filter that comes unit removes 2 more contaminants
The Spanish version of Uno is called "One"
Guy in the canteen of my university listening to the hottest tracks on his pocket radio (Germany)
MTA running antique subway cars on the M line today.
My toilet paper came with instructions.
The change I got shows the queen aging.
This Doodle on a Document from 1435
This toilet paper roll was packaged sideways
Exit Door disguised as bookcase in Alzheimers Ward
This syrup is good for about another 180,000 years.
The "Gilette World Shaving Headquarters" building is shaped like blades on a razer.
Perfect timing
Didn't clean the lint catcher all semester
UV Lights for my indoor plants created a colorful pattern on my wall
Part of the word "macintosh" accidentally visible on this apple.