This is a perfectly normal book in Thailand
Giant light bulb I found at the thrift store
This mug bleeding coffee after being microwaved.
This big fan is by Big Fans.
Paint chip on my door looks like Virginia
My teacher randomly focused in a picture I took
This food court is made up of shipping containers
The arrows for the elevator are two different sizes.
TSA station shut down by an escaped cat
McDonald's Italy serve grissini with their salad
This blood pressure monitor
There's a man in a tractor on a truck.
Snow today in Chisinau
This Qtip is black.
"Wait. You mean it can be... or maybe it can't. Hang on..." this pasta bag says it's both recyclable and not recyclable.
This park has two basketball courts. One is smaller than the other.
This urinal is made from a keg.
Got a giant chunk of chocolate in my Chex
The lenses in these sunglasses I bought are flipped around.
So I saw The Mystery Machine today
From the guy who brought you two plane trails crossing: I present to you, parallel plane trails.
My snowboard helmet came with a bottle opener shaped like a snowboard helmet.
The Name of this tux shop in my town
Found this Jeep at work
My blueberry was numbered
I commented to my friend, "Rage Against the Machine could probably make a comeback now that Trump is president." I started watching RATM music videos. Then this showed up.
The new carpet at the Los Angeles Athletic Club has the same pattern as the carpet in The Shining.
My friend rode in the very first taxi.
A Sauerkraut that Contains Oil from a Sexual Crime
I found a horse with one eye
Found in my kids calendar.... Really Highlights?
This construction team brought Wendy from Bob the Builder
This construction team brought someone who could fix it.
The base for this temporary bus stop is a used bus rim.
Roller coaster for ants
How the stickers on this juice container are stuck over the handles
Banana on a standpipe
So... Tom Cruise has one tooth right in the middle of his face.
Google changed their logo to broken html code
I found a t-rex!
Individual letters falling off this bottle
Liberty Island visitors polished the boobs of this Statue of Liberty model that allows touching.
My new back splash is an optical illusion
This parking lot paint job is damned civilized.
My wheelbarrow tire says "not for highway use"
This secret screw safe has cocain hidden inside it in the advertisement
These gallstones look very much like potatoes in sauce
My dad's easter egg seems to contain a crack in space and time
The length of this lizards tale. (at my door this afternoon).
My steam-in-the-bag veggies' best by date transferred to the plate they were on