This Coke is on the house.
7 more illusions from Quirkology, including a ring that changes color in the mirror
Bruce Boner [x-post r/misleadingthumbnails]
This rock is actually in the water
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This is a static image
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face overlapping
Botched Proposal
These aren't ridges in the snow
I fell in love with a painting
Bryson Tiller and his daughter switch arms
Video clip of guy taking off sunglasses. They appear to go from right side up to upside down in one take.
This bus being squeezed by a big snake
The key on this graph.
kcuf. --Sarah
Guy jumping off a huge dam.
Stacked towels
Punching Providence, RI Street View
Art on the street
Impossible shape
Wonder what she's like between the sheets
John Lennon letting out a river of spit.
Impossible skateboard trick.
Optical illusions
Cover the black dot to make the stripes spin the other direction.
15 Optical Illusions Blowing your mind
Purse color debate
The McGurk effect.
Contrast optical illusion
Baby with giant legs
Paper Calculator
He looks stunning
Lobster in a bucket.
r/pics said you lot may enjoy this. Giraffe body paint!
Self portrait from a few years ago
This isn't a gif. Your eyes just can't see all 12 dots at the same time [x-post from /r/woah dude]
Transparent graffiti
Picture of my new tower just looks off. I don't know what the illusion is. Kind of looks like a 3d model in a cell phone pic?
Hockey fight.
These dice.
I took a picture of a cow and apparently it had no head
Find the cat's face?
This isn't a chameleon.