Shoalin vs Tai Chi - FIGHT!
Angela Merkel snubbed by Donald Trump, no handshake
visualizing differences in air density (air currents)
Skeletor knows how to make an exit
Trump ignores Merkel's and journalists' requests for handshake
Opps! He Falls Very Hardly
Walking across a frozen lake
"Trespassers Will Be Eaten"
Mystical gif Tumblr
Ohhhhh wow :)
Ball is life
Kick and Headshot
Golfing on ice
Water delivery guy by day. Also crime fighting ninja by day
The new transport Santa will use.
Golfer is "ice cold" under pressure.
This art was made by running electricity through wood
Did you even lift doe?
Playing with Her Hair
Ghost-like 'Casper' octopod discovered
Road sweeper dealt out his own version of street justice to punish an illegally parked car.
Swimming pigs in the Bahamas
Motherly instinct
Me at work when it is my birthday
Orbeez explosion
This is getting out of hand!
Very bad smell of socks
My friend's new pin.
Can help but to be impressed
What the hell did you say to me human?!?
Go hard or go home!
Welcome to Broke Dick Mountain
killer whales eating a shark alive
Surfiing Anyone?
Launching a GoPro 440ft
Booty Bending
Royal Flush vs. Quad Aces
Slavic Trash Can Artillery
I'll chug a beer while doing a headstand WCGW?
Atlanta's traffic map from 2014 ice storm.
Front seat in Manhattan train
Taking your drunk friend home
Some bears never change
So... what did you learn at school this semester?
My hand is glowing!
SpaceX rocket engineer demonstrating the hover test
1 upvote = 1 prayer for Granny
Quite the design
Guy with horse mask is at it again
The Best Nap in the World!