Filming a rap video
Hush!!!!! Let me do the talking!
breaking up is hard to do
Wow! so nice he done!!
BREAKING NEWS: Australia set to leave the AU and become Stralia.
This guys head looks like a malteser
Christmas gift
Might be worth reconsidering that kerning placement...
Kent Richelhoff's Smoothie Experience
Sainsbury's Advert, Girl gets Herpes.
White Privilege Frankenstein
I need to stop speaking English ASAP...
Tom Brady style. TB12
My tired dog
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If only all movies were like this
I'm making our Christmas postcards at the moment. I think they're coming out nicely.
Haha some of the tweets are really funny
Found this gem on craigs list while searching for a car. Its a smart buy if i ever did see one!
Mannequin Challenge???
Russian Hockey Goalie Dances to Strauss: Figure Skating
A video complete with the help of people passing by on 30 city streets in Europe.
Some say he's still sliding...
A Scottish Christmas present
if you're an evil cat and you finally get a dog's attention
a tribute to my bestfriend..
mandela effect is real here is PROOF
Eric Andre - Baby Balloon
super mast dance pakistani hot mujra dance2016 - PAKISTANI MUJRA 2016
Pumpkin Spice Chemtrails
WondaBread - Smoking Marijuana Feat. JeffMAC
Das Bootleg
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My mom has been sending me card memes for years. This one was one of my favorites.
swimming pool in car
Eddie - A Film by Kenny Lion
Challenge Accepted.
My take on what the kids of South Park would be up to as adults 30 years from now...
Boy swallowed his dog's squeaky toy, now his voice is squeaky
Australia's Lisa De Vanna Struggles With Water Bottle
Vibrator Racing
I came in like a pokeball...
The greatest vault of all time...sorta
Individual approached in traffic site, claims that money was to buy bread. Team escorted to the bakery for safety purposes. He seems very grateful.
Reddit, meet Sadie the house elf!
My favorite episode of Tough Crowd
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