after leaving football, Messi is going to invest in the bakery delight!
Hey ToothFairy.
Funniest air hostess safety announcement
Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Funny Cute Boy
Jokes for dirty minds
Cleaning out my imgur and found this. What a time to be alive.
As we were filing our taxes, we learned that our newborn can provide more than just a tax deduction next year
Putting on 72 T-Shirts with the L.A. BEAST
Not exactly what he expected
THT into Friday.I'd eat her.
What house?
When your group-mates dumb AF but you're sick the day of presentation
Uttered man's voice.
My girlfriend watching me kill a spider in the bathroom
Always be nice to the white kid
Saving each other's lives
Just Neil Degrass Tyson being awesome
cat and chicken are friends!
Face It Tree...You're Just A Tree
That was... unnecessary
Motivating my dog
This is my favorite comic strip
How to make homemade ice
Ironic. He could fasten others from death, but not himself.
An apostrophe?
Hollaback Pogo Boy
Is there anyone who DOESN'T have a cringy FB past?
My friend is a hunter. His son made him an arrow out of silly putty.
A fuckin' Chinese food restaurant
10 year old swaglords binder
"Bad and Boujee" parody "Bad and Beastie" Bearded Hip Hop! Haha!
She can't believe he's not the father
Barista loves making Unicorn Frappucinos
The Best "Why I Left BuzzFeed" Video Ever
I know what you're looking at Bill.
Guy Yells at Turkey, Turkey Yells back
"Drew Peppers is not a normal businessman."
Wanna know if you need to buy dandruff shampoo?
Order up a food delivery company was handing these out for 4/20
Somewhere on Rick & Morty's Inter-dimensional Cable...
Big of MJ
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My friend made this 4/20 video. Idk thought it was really funny lol
Spring has sprung
Could my exams BE anymore Canadian?
Move over Weird Al, we got a new parody king in town. Haha! "Bad and Beastie"
She found my Weed
Did we just become...breast friends?
Steve Harwell's Spotify?