Might be worth reconsidering that kerning placement...
Apple Store Rage
If only all movies were like this
Wow! so nice he done!!
Christmas gift
My parakeet learned the chime the iPhone makes after you say "Hey Siri"
My boyfriend's Mom said we should send out Christmas cards. I'm taking her advice and making postcards tonight.
I'm making our Christmas postcards at the moment. I think they're coming out nicely.
Lazy Roomate
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I would also be confused
Arts and crafts time!
TIL 6 billion people can read English
I went to Rogue One today. I think the force is with me.
This fortune is life changing
Epic Beatboxer On Omegle - Are U Real?!?!
Ethan Bradberry dance
FORGOT ANGELS I have Alduin watching over my Christmas tree.
The Crap Treasure Chest Loaded With Cheap Presents
Well, my lunch plans just got awkward.
Star, Wait What?
I love these kind of images.
Not out of the question
How can he slap?!
Just another unrealistic body expectation for women.
Part of an unbalanced breakfast.
The guy who misses all his chances...
What happens when you put grandpa in charge of the elf-on-the-shelf
Dog the Bounty Hunter
One of the most underated comedies of the past ten years: Coffee Town
You meet some weird people on the internet..
The return of Chrismotron
Terrible story
T'was the Night Before Snoop Dogg
When you have to wait in the waitingroom for longer than 10 minutes
A Oriental Dong
Just in time for Xmas
I labeled the new Facebook status colors
He Things , I Will be USA Presedent....
Office logic
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The Return of The Bible
In light of the 11 year old Washington girl being charged with Fun.
When you're a cat but your best friend's a dog
So they type in an accent too?
Fast Company - a well known magazine, has released their annual list - and the number one, are you excited yet, the number one is....
That's no moon...
Me on a first date...
Son: How do i break? Dad: Use your head!
Indian Colleges
Gotta catch 'em all!