[I Ate] Seared filet mignon and curly fries
[homemade] Here is a video about a christmas dinner work shop with some interesting recipe ideas!
[I ate] Bun Bo at my favorite vietnamese restaurant in Munich
[Homemade] Cutting weight doesn't have to suck, Part 2: Chicken and bean chili!
[Homemade] Grilled thick-cut bologna sandwich with leafy lettuce, aged white cheddar, and grilled onion; plated with Rally's French fries. Paired with a PBR, I call it, "The Recession Special."
[I ate] spanakopita from Gyro Zone in Tacoma, WA
[I ate] Mango Snowflake Ice in taipei
[Homemade] some Baklava i layered up yesterday
Under the sea themed Cupcakes [Homemade]
[I ATE] 1kg razorback pork ribs
[Homemade] Feta and Spinach Twist Bread
[I ate] Sashimi platter with wasabi white tuna roll
[Homemade] Sausage, mushroom, and Asiago quiche
[Homemade] Steamed buns, shredded pork ribs in beer barbecue sauce, apple and celeriac slaw.
Mini Pumpkin Pie Brulee with Gingersnap Crumb Crust [Homemade]
[Homemade] Gingerbread pancakes
[Homemade] Southwestern Chicken Avocado Bacon Wrap
[Homemade] Spanish Garlic Chicken
[I Ate] authentic Italian pizza, fresh mozzarella with raw onions and sun dried tomatoes.
[Homemade] chicken marsala with Prosciutto, potato croquettes, & sautéed asparagus With bacon and hollandaise!
[Misc] I bought this bottle filled with oil and peppers, olives, etc. over ten years ago. Would it still be safe to open and use? I think I bought it at Marshall's or some place like that.
[homemade] Pomegranate bechamel pasta
[I ate] Lamb Spitroast the Australian way. It was on there for over 8 hours!
Half naked women get thousands of upvotes; how many for our boys en berry? [MISC]
[Homemade] Roast beef and stuff with like bacon and mushrooms
[Homemade] Cilantro-Lime rice with Steak, sauteed mushrooms, and Serrano corn salsa
Top 5 Hottest Peppers in the World (Find a way to use it in your dish) [MISC]
[homemade] Glazed Orange Cake
[homemade] salad with pomegranate, apple, walnuts, dried cranberries, goat cheese and lemon poppy seed dressing
[homemade] Egg nests!
[Homemade] Balsamic marinated Ribeye with asparagus and an oven roasted tomato (it's filled with more chopped tomato, fresh basil, garlic, fresh mozzarella and topped with a balsamic reduction)
Taco pizza [homemade][i ate]
[homemade] Semi-classic indian chicken curry
Heard about a great burger place in Da Nang last week on the front page. Went there (Burger Bros) today while on my honeymoon. Can confirm, amazing burgers! [I ate]
[Homemade]Honey Paprika Chicken w/ Bulgar salad
I found new love for tofu. Tofu and tempeh with molasses garlic sauce. [Homemade]
[Homemade] Monterrey Jack Bacon & Chicken BBQ Skillet
[Homemade] Deep dish pepperoni and jalapeno pizza
[I ate]Fried swirly potatoes on a stick!
[Homemade] Bananas Foster Cheesecake
[I ate] Hairy beast burger at a retro games cafe in Bristol
Serious Eats, Hasselback Potato Gratin. Recipe in comments [Homemade]
[Homemade]Podpłomyk (old slavic bread) with ham and mustard
[Homemade] Creamy tomato pasta with flaky salmon, snow peas, and pecorino cheese.
[Homemade] Rustic poppyseed bread. Looks a little wonky, tastes delicious.
[I Ate] Breakfast poutine!
[Homemade] General Tso's Chicken with pork fried rice and steamed broccoli
I am pretty proud of this [HOMEMADE] lasagna my wife and I made!
[Homemade] leftover meatloaf, egg and cheese sandwich. A fine hot breakfast in under 5 minutes