Dog Blep
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Friends come in all shapes and sizes
Puppies playing
Minnie meets her reflection for the first time
Wipe, swipe...wipe, swipe...swipe, wipe...oops.
Wubbie can't wait for football season to start again!
This is Kitty. She's hilarious.
Reddit, meet Shyner! Freshly adopted!
It's his favorite spot
A true pawtriot.
The Airbnb I'm staying at has the floofiest of kittys
If you stare far enough out the window, a dog stares back.
Feed Me.
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Gingercat doin ginger cat things.
10/10 pillow usage
Cat hammock!
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Baby Bandit Trash Panda for Cake Day!
My Family's Puppers: Pepper, Maximus, & Ryder
It's snuggle time.
German Shepherd in repose
The look of love
Cute Bunnies nose twitching
Bad to the bone.
She so beautiful
Dog before and after being called a good boy
Much needed rest after a long day of swimming and trying to catch dragonflies.
She's pretty when she's not terrorizing the other cats
Excuse me, what aisle did you get that?
Notice Me
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Took my kids to meet Santa.
Lucy is an inquisitive pup
I've been sad after having to move away from my 3 favorite kitties a year ago after a breakup. Today I received a new little buddy for Christmas. He was adopted from humane society foster care.
Grandma picked her up from a shelter, any idea what kind of dog this is?
Just two bros enjoying a nice day out
Have a doggy merry Xmas!
Boop the snoot
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somebody just lost their laundry helping privileges
The flash accidentally went off
When you remember Christmas is in 5 days and you still need gifts
When your owners food smells juuuuuust right.
Cute Little Puppy Superman
Big big yawn!
Did somebody say "milk?"
My little angel helping with the Christmas Tree.
bleep, bloop bleep, bloop
Someone also brought a Joey to my starbucks. Small world. x-post from /r/mildlyinteresting
One pup party
My boy Thor, goes full derp for belly rubs
My friends kitten, Luna.