A power line went down in front of our property and arced into the sand and made these.
He sees you when you're sleeping
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Actress Janelle Monáe sporting teddy bear hairdoo with googlie eyes on Today Show.
Remember that night you got drunk, stripped naked and started fighting the local children?
That's her boyfriend's name...
Girl in wheelchair being thrown off bridge
Andrey Karlov assassin shot dead
So, what's in this?
Thailand casually enters the self-driving scooter market
Inside the Amsterdam Sex Museum
Dedicated fan or the real deal?
[ Warning:Not Dead ] Thai taxi driver crushed by an out of control car
My 7-year-old nephew showed the family what he was writing on his baby cousin's "draw pad"
Who thought this was a good idea?
Bubble gum
Russian Drive Thru
A squirrel fights for its life against a heron
Loose wheel nuts
Bicycle mechanic....
truck carrying 27 tons of sewage loses it's load
Driving on the shoulder
No time for docking
Racing the train... on foot
My reaction, when i played guttier for first time :)
Buffet to Drive-Thru Conversion
Kid repeatedly passes out during theme park ride
BRB just gotta grab my bat
Spider Level: Australian
Human and monkey have a fight
This dude's hair
A man in a silicone tooth suit
No thanks Santa you can skip my house
I guess he went balls out (x-post from r/wince)
Have a seat. We need to talk.
Where did my human go?
After the removal of an ingrown hair
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Took a wrong turn into an "economically depressed" neighborhood. I regret nothing.
Target really knows how to throw a sale
Motorcyclist rear ends car on the highway.
The more you look at it, the more fucked up it gets...
Someone puked all over (their?) car, right next to mine on Monday morning
The stuff of nightmares
Slow Motion Car Pileup in Montreal
This was tapped to the pump at the gas station near my house...
Knee surgery
Turns to my right at sons wrestling practice nearly shouted wtf
This....thing for the dental program at my school.