Manchester's homeless (2014) A unfiltered look into some of Manchester's homeless.
The look of love
The difference between blind, and legally blind. I love this guy's great attitude, sorry if repost.
Violent Christmas (Comedy Skit)
WTF, Japan???
Whenever I start up Pokemon Blue...
When a support player is suddenly expected to play offensive.
Apple Store Rage
The Dragon Dentist
MRW the "Emoji Movie" is announced.
[I Ate] Seared filet mignon and curly fries
Asteroid Update - Featuring Tom Jones - December 2016
Cute Bunnies nose twitching
Given the upcoming holiday it seemed appropriate to post this piece of crap. I give you "Santa Clause Conquers The Martians" (1964).
If only all movies were like this
We Are Number One but All Instruments are Off Tempo
Bad to the bone.
My friend had a close encounter with some deer!
Wow! so nice he done!!
The Golden Record from Voyager 1, the farthest manmade object from Earth.
Christmas gift
that king of cars guy is back
Kick and Headshot
Heart Harvester, Ink, 8.5"X11.5"
How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended
Fly eye
She so beautiful
Golfing on ice
Egyptian Hip Hop - Wild Human Child [Indie Rock] (2010)
Jim Croce - The Hard Way Everytime [Folk, Rock] 2:30
Hell's Club - Place Where All Movie Characters Meet Up
100 Seinfeld Quotes
Bruce Lee with his family
I made this Dark Brotherhood scroll for my boyfriend, super happy how it turned out!
When shooting a toilet counts as a kill.
Luciano Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma (Paris 1998) [Opera]
Genie Garage Door Opener Manual Disengage
SpaceX Makes History | MARS
Rolling Fog of San Francisco. By Nick Steinberg. [1000x800]
World War I: Every Day (2014) (Animated videomap)
Some friends and I are lowkey trying to make it big on YouTube. I think we're pretty funny (tho sometimes offensively so).
My parakeet learned the chime the iPhone makes after you say "Hey Siri"
[Midwestern lull - Time Flies By [Roots Rock/Americana]
Christmas on Canal Street
To get one very special static shot, you need three things: 1. An extremely talented sculptor 2. A talented CGI artist to imbue it with very subtle micro-expressions 3. The Kuleshov Effect
Doggo wearing sunglasses, headphones and a santa hat celebrating Christmas in Australia.
Dog before and after being called a good boy
Eastwood -- Alone [Emo/Grunge] (2016)
The Klingon Newt