Why R3dd.it?

One evening I was scrolling through reddit (with RES) and thought to myself "I want a site that has all the images without all the other articles". So i went looking for one that did what I wanted it to, and came to the conclustion there where no sites that did that. So I made one, put it online, and shared it with the world.

Where does the data come from?

All the articles on the site are from reddit and are gathered into r3dd.it's database. After which they are scanned for content, specifically images and videos. Images uploaded to Imgur and Gfycat have their url cleaned and all the miscellaneous information gathered. Videos uploaded to either YouTube, Vimeo, or Vine have their url cleaned and their validity verified using oEmbed.


The list view has a couple of features, some more noticable then others.
  • Up to fifty articles (less if there arn't any more) are loaded when a page is requested, mostly so google has something to index.
  • All articles have a dedicated page that can be visited by clicking on the title, aswell as links to their subreddit and user pages.
  • They also have thread, subreddit, and user links directly to reddit so you can see what is being commented.
  • All articles have two buttons for voting, the most liked articles will be on the top.
  • All articles have share buttons that will share the image or videos dedicated page.
  • Clicking on an image in the list will display its original source (usually higher resolution or an animated gif).
  • Clicking on a video in the list will play the video.
  • If you hit the bottom of the page, twenty five articles (less if there arn't any more) are appended to the list.
  • By clicking random you will be redirected to a random subreddit, so be warned.